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So often our wardrobes overflow with clothes that we haven't worn in years and probably won't wear again. Second hand stores will always remain a great charitable option for putting our unwanted garments back into use. For Wilfried Pletzinger unwanted clothes are the materials for a whole new fashion collection.


Wilfried works with unwanted sportswear transforming pieces such as swimming costumes and hockey jerseys into unique streetwear items. Although fairtrade cotton can also present an eco alternative in the fashion industry, upcycling is the most efficient way to reduce consumption and waste.


Upcycling of course presents many challenges to designers; there are no rules to follow and for every item you have to find a new way to work. However with more and more designers viewing our thrift stores as the new fabric outlet, and our old clothes as inspiration, it's an exciting future for the eco conscious fashionista.


Visit Wilfried’s store online here:

…or in Berlin: Reinhardtstraße 6, 10117 Berlin

Wilfried Pletzinger: Upcyling Fashion Designer

Role: Journalist & Filmmaker




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